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Aging, wrinkles are a big nightmare for women, especially those who pursue the life principle of “fear nothing, only fear of old”.

After the age of 30, the aging process takes place intensively, wrinkles appear more and more, facial muscles begin to sag badly due to severe deficiency of Collagen and Elastin. But now because of the influence of habit, the sun … Many people, even though they have not turned 30, have shown signs of aging immensely.


Aging skin is the elasticity of the skin decreases and the collagen and elastin become loose, causing the skin to appear signs of skin aging such as wrinkled, rough skin, brown spots, dark spots, age spots, crow’s feet, folds, lesions on the skin are slow to heal visibly with signs:

  • Wrinkles appear: In the forehead area, eye wrinkles, 2 cheek wings. When smiling, moving facial muscles, the skin will show wrinkles
  • Dry skin: Feeling of lifeless skin, dryness, feeling of lack of moisture, elasticity
  • Appearance of many brown marks, freckles: Melanin pigments that work too hard to protect the skin will lead to the formation of brown and black dots that appear a lot on the skin
  • Skin is no longer glossy: Heavily aged, sagging skin lacks vitality, elasticity and is not smooth anymore
  • Difficult to repair damage: When the skin is damaged and it is difficult to recover or takes a long time to recover, it is because collagen collusion and tissues inside the skin have begun to work weakly.


A. Wrinkle removal, muscle lifting, comprehensive skin rejuvenation with NANOZELLE PLASMA technology

1. What is a Nanozelle Plasma Machine?

Nanozelle Plasma technology is a combination of cold Nanozelle Plasma machine and Nanozelle stem cell product. Plasma rays are fired with an ionized gas state, the composition always contains charged particles (ions, free electrons), free radicals, active substances, visible light, small amounts of UV … combined with Nanozelle stem cells creates a mechanism to kill bacteria, quickly restore wounds, promote collagen proliferation.

With a room temperature environment of 40 degrees Celsius, the Nanozelle Plasma Machine DOES NOT BURN, can act directly on open wounds to help kill bacteria and stimulate wound healing faster

2. Effects of Nanozelle Plasma Technology

  • Skin tightening, skin rejuvenation
  • Dissolve wrinkles and signs of skin aging, regenerate multi-layered skin
  • Promotes the growth of collagen and elastin

3. Application process of Nanozelle Plasma technology

  • Step 1: Assess the aging status, aging areas (eyes, mouth, forehead)
  • Step 2: Skin hygiene with salt water
  • Step 3: For different regions, different power levels of the machine will be applied
  • Step 4: Use a Nanozelle plasma machine to shine on the aging areas of floors 3-5.
  • Step 5: Apply Nanozelle Stem Cells to Therapeutic Skin
  • Step 6: Use plasma beams to shoot 1 more time evenly

B. Application of NANOZELLE HIFU technology in wrinkle removal, muscle lifting, skin rejuvenation

1. What is Hifu Nanozelle Machine?

NANOZELLE HIFU Machine is an acronym for NANOZELLE INTENSITY FOCUS ULTRASOUND, which means intense converging ultrasonic waves. NANOZELLE HIFU is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation method that has been verified by the FDA for its safety and effectiveness in skin tightening, lifting and anti-sagging.

The NANOZELLE HIFU delivers powerful energy deep under the skin:

+ At a depth of 1.5mm, reduce acne, tighten pores, erase small wrinkles

+ At a depth of 3.0 mm to help raise the eyebrows, reduce wrinkles in the corners of the mouth

+ At a depth of 4.5 mm to help lift muscles, tighten skin, increase elasticity

+ At a depth of 13.0 mm, it lifts, firms, increases skin elasticity in the arms, abdomen, thighs …

Produces a heat of 60-70 degrees Celsius. This is the right temperature that brings the highest rejuvenating effect but still ensures the safety of the skin.

2. What is the effect of Nanozelle Hifu technology?

With outstanding energy, the ultrasonic waves of HIFU machine strongly act for optimal efficiency:

  • INTENSIVE REJUVENATION: Ultrasound waves stimulate collagen increase, strengthen elastin strongly to help healthy, youthful skin firmly from the inside.
  • REMOVE WRINKLES, TIGHTEN SKIN: HIFU Energy restores broken links, restructures cells for smooth skin.
  • HIFU LIFTING: With the ability to deep impact, support lifting, restore elasticity, dispel sagging.

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