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Revealing how to care for eyebrows after cosmetic tattoo

The care after sculpting and tattooing eyebrows plays an important role in eyebrow sharpening as well as the ability to recover after the procedure. So what does actual eyebrow tattooing abstain? All will be revealed in detail right below.

Why do you need to abstain after tattooing and sculpting eyebrows?

Tattooing, sculpting eyebrows is a solution to bring natural beauty, overcome thin eyebrows, no eyebrows for those who have beauty needs. However, for the best results, after performing tattooing or sculpture, it is necessary to follow careful care and abstinence regimens.

Before consulting details after eyebrow tattoo what to abstain? How long to abstain? Then let’s take a look at the reasons for abstinence after tattooing.

The reason for abstaining after tattooing or sculpting eyebrows is that the skin at the eyebrow is damaged and needs time to regenerate. Along with that, at this time the body will collect the necessary substances to help new cells grow, so there are foods to avoid to ensure the best for cells to form.

In fact, not abstaining properly can slow down cell regeneration. Specifically, skin cells may be deficient or excessive, deforming the surface of the lesion. Manifestations may be keloid, concave or dark scars, swollen skin, infection, itching.

Accordingly, to ensure the best aesthetic results, you need to pay attention to the care regime as directed by the specialists at the cosmetic facility. Let’s find out the details of eyebrow embroidery spray what to abstain from right below.

What should I abstain from after eyebrow tattooing?

To avoid unwanted risks, affecting the results of eyebrow tattooing, you should list the foods that need to be added and temporarily “cross out” the foods that should not be eaten.

1. What is fasting eyebrow tattooing?

Currently, there is a lot of information about what to abstain from after the process of tattooing and sculpting eyebrows. So what are those things, let’s refer to the things that HDCom has listed below.

#1 Abstain from sticky foods

Glutinous is a food with an increased risk of infection, swelling and inflammation of wounds. In particular, severe cases can cause deformation of the damaged skin surface.

Accordingly, after spraying tattoos, sculpting or powdering eyebrows, it is necessary to abstain from folds to help the eyebrows not fester, heal faster.

#2 Abstain from beef and chicken

Beef is high in protein, eating beef in the early stages after eyebrow embroidery spray can cause young skin to proliferate strongly, leaving keloid scars and darkening after healing.

Meanwhile, chicken makes the skin after tattooing more swollen and sore. Therefore, these 2 foods should also be listed on the list of foods to avoid after performing eyebrow beauty services.

#3 Abstain from vegetables

According to general reviews, spinach has the ability to stimulate proliferation and regeneration of skin cells. However, with new wounds, the spinach will fester, forming keloids.

#4 Do not use stimulants

Alcohol, beer, tobacco,… are all irritants that can slow down blood circulation, making the color after embroidery of the eyebrows undesirable. Therefore, let the eyebrows color evenly, naturally,… It is necessary to temporarily “cross out” these drinks from the list.

#5 Abstain from seafood, fishy foods

Seafood contains high levels of protein and histamine that can cause skin allergies. Therefore, using these foods after tattooing, powdering the eyebrows can cause side effects, itching in the eyebrow area, rashes and even scars.

2. Does eyebrow spray require water abstinence?

Water is also on the list after sculpture, spray embroidery blanching whether there is any need to abstain. In fact, sculpting and tattooing eyebrows will affect the skin epidermis, helping tattoo ink stay on the epidermis.

Sticking with water can cause ink to drift, stain, even cause infection, negatively affecting health. Therefore, after the procedure, it should be noted to abstain from water to help the tattoo ink to a more standard color

Apart from fasting, abstaining from water, is there anything else you should abstain from? According to tattoo experts, in order for the most stable and balanced eyebrows, you should abstain from using your hands to peel the scales on the eyebrows.

Instead, they must be allowed to peel naturally, avoiding infection and helping to color the eyebrows most naturally. Normally, the time to peel off the outer scab after sculpting and spraying the tattoo ranges from 5-7 days

In addition to the above-mentioned abstinence, you also pay attention to choosing a reputable aesthetic facility, with modern tattoo spray technology, eyebrow sculpture, and high professional skills.

In fact, at these facilities after implementation, they will advise and answer all questions about sculpting, what to spray eyebrows to abstain, how long to abstain, how to clean,… As a result, it helps customers feel secure and get the eyebrows they want.

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