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Pre Master Nanozelle Cold Plasma Course 05/11/2023

On 05/11/2023, the Pre – Master Nanozelle Cold Plasma course: High-tech application of MULTI-SERVICE skin treatment/care with the participation of many SPA/TMV owners took place extremely successfully, well in an enthusiastic atmosphere, eager to learn about beauty trends as well as the latest technology at the forefront in the field of beauty/non-invasive aesthetics.

Students receive international Pre – Master Nanozelle certificates right at the end of their studies
  • HOT and latest technology 2023
  • MULTI-APP application of treatment/skin care services (More than 30 services/1 technology)
  • Optimizing costs – Revenue – Treatment time
  • Noticeable effect from the first implementation
  • Experience technology firsthand to clearly see the effect that technology brings
  • Lean curriculum directly trained with experts with more than 15 years of domestic and foreign experience
  • Practice directly on real samples to understand the technique
  • International Pre Master Certificate from Nanozelle Academy

Nanozelle Plasma technology is a combination of cold plasma machine and Nanozelle stem cell product. Plasma rays are fired in an ionized gaseous state, the composition always contains charged particles (ions, free electrons), free radicals, active ingredients, visible light, small amounts of UV … combined with Nanozelle stem cells creates a mechanism to kill bacteria, quickly restore wounds, promote collagen proliferation.

With a room temperature environment of 40 degrees Celsius, the Nanozelle Plasma Machine DOES NOT BURN, can act directly on open wounds to help kill bacteria and stimulate wound healing faster

In addition, there are many other outstanding advantages that Nanozelle Cold Plasma technology can bring to help SPA/TMV owners can apply in practice at their SPA/TMV, bringing the highest efficiency when treating / caring for customers’ skin, increase sales and strengthen the brand.

In addition, at the course, Master Mrs. Lee Misun had valuable sharing, listening to the difficulties that SPA/TMV owners have encountered in the process of conquering the beauty/aesthetic industry. This has brought a lot of quality knowledge, lessons and left a lot of impression on the students attending.

Master MRS. LEE MISUN directly teaches, trains and “hands-on” for each student

With “guideline”: Always constantly update, learn the latest and best trends and put training quality as the top priority. Therefore, Nanozelle constantly improves the quality of technology, products, experienced lecturers to bring SPA/TMV owners the best quality courses, the best technologies and products to serve their journey to conquer beauty, confidence and success in their business career.

In the future, Nanozelle is honored to welcome, serve, hope to always be accompanyed, and always be a reliable address for customers to “choose to send gold” the best and most effective new technologies and technical products.


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