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PMU ink – Top 1 best tattoo ink “witch” today

The best, most suitable tattoo ink is always the topic that many people are interested in. Not only customers but also spa owners, cosmetologists, beauty establishments always have headaches every day. Because tattoo ink will directly affect the quality of a tattoo work after it is done. Whether you are a novice or an old person with a long history in the industry, it is always a headache to choose the right products:

– Advantages of the product?

– Is the product suitable or not?

– The cost of the product?

– What are the disadvantages of the product?

Know and understand the above issues. Nanozelle has decided to select and distribute the PMU tattoo ink line – the best tattoo ink “wizard” today.

A. NANO PMU tattoo ink brand

The first factor that determines the popularity of this PMU tattoo ink line is thanks to the origin of the product. PMU tattoo ink comes from Switzerland – a country that is already famous for its quality products and is made at a factory in Europe.

Tattoo ink products – spray ink of PMU brand

Nano PMU tattoo technology with extremely small molecules. This is a unique technology, using high-quality ink colors of natural origin. Tiny, benign ink particles as well as nano essences when entering the skin are ready to nourish the skin from deep inside, so it does not feel dry after spraying, while preventing fading at the tattoo spray area, enhancing the ability to stick to ink for a long time for natural beauty, sharp from 2 – 3 years. Therefore, PMU Nano Ink is always loved and trusted by customers who are Masters as today.

B. Advantages of NANO PMU tattoo ink series

1. Standard color scheme – Very good consistency

PMU tattoo ink is manufactured from natural ingredients, so the ink color when on the lips will be very beautiful and standard. Besides, during the tattooing process, there will be no smudging of color. Help after spraying the color will be the most similar to the original color, without the occurrence of darkness, unnatural lightness.

2. Keep color for a long time

The durability of PMU is always in the top group. When tattooed or sprayed, the texture of very small ink adheres tightly to the skin during the aging process. Normally, if you take good care, you can keep the color for about 3-5 years.

3. Does not leave scars after fading

PMU tattoo ink will fade in the most natural way, but no dry lips – No scars – No darkening – No irritation.

4. The composition of 100% natural ink

With ingredients extracted 100% from nature, NANO PMU tattoo ink is always guaranteed for quality. This is voted as an ink that does not contain chemicals, colors, heavy metals, flavorings … This ensures that the ink will not cause allergic conditions on the skin.

5. Variety of colors

Each customer has different needs and preferences in terms of color. Therefore, the NANO PMU ink line owns a variety of colors so that customers will have more options when spraying lip tattoos. Spa owners, cosmetologists, beauty establishments will be more convenient in the process of tattooing as well as coloring.

In particular, Nano PMU ink brand currently launches a new set of Nano Hairstroke ink specialized for machine yarn with the following advantages:

  • Does not hatch fibers
  • Warm flaking fibers have no green sheen, even black-brown fibers
  • Clinging from the first turn, even pressing the needle does not splash ink
  • Stick to strong fibers, even the tops of fibers or small thin threads

With all this, PMU Nano Ink Brand at HDCom will definitely be the perfect choice and the “GOLD” solution that brings x10,x20 revenue for this year-end!

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