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  • Workplace hygiene and order in accordance with international standards (based on BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS CERTIFICATION USA)
  • Methods of analyzing the structure of customers’ faces to advise the appropriate eyebrow form.
  • How to use the golden ratio and PhiApp digital ruler in the eyebrow form scale, helping to draw a standard, even, harmonious form with the face in 5 minutes.
  • Things to Know About Microblading Brow Sculpture
  • The ability to hold ink according to each skin type and each location.
  • The reaction and impact of ink when tattooing on the skin, the ability to retain ink, the ability of the skin to remember.
  • How to distinguish skin types, the structure of the skin, explain the ink retention standard of all tattoo techniques.
  • How to mix tattoo colors, how to use complementary colors to help tattoo ink not turn blue or red.
  • How to correct the old tattoo perfectly, how to bring all the old tattoo colors back to their original brown color.
  • The method of properly inserting tattoo ink under the skin.
  • How to use numbness and incubation of ink correctly.
  • The recovery process after sculpture and how to care for each skin type.


  • Practice drawing forms on fake skin and on real people.
  • Practice sculpting eyebrows on fake skin and on real people.
  • The perfect way to shoot and jigsaw.
  • Discuss common mistakes in the sculpting process

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