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NANOZELLE TIPS: Criteria for choosing cosmetic tattoo ink

Beautiful lips – Beautiful eyes – Eyelids are what any girl wants. But how to achieve that, the criteria for choosing ink – the product will come into contact with sensitive parts of the face is extremely important.

Hopefully, through this article, Nanozelle will help you better understand tattoo ink lines and make informed choices.


Perhaps you are having a headache because the market currently has too many types of tattoo inks. And then to find a quality product will definitely not be easy. Currently, based on each criterion, tattoo ink is divided into many different lines.


Ink typeInorganic tattoo inkOrganic tattoo ink
IngredientThe composition of the ink contains:
* Titanium oxide.
* Iron oxide.
Ingredients usually include:
* Azo.
* Lake pigmentation.
* Phthalocyanine pigment.
* Quinacridone pigment.
* Diazine pigment.
* Perylene red pigment.
* High grip.
* Color fastness.
* Not much affected by external influences (sun, eating, cosmetics,…).
* Cheap.

* Safe, benign.
* Natural color.
* Many options, no signs of red-green bloom.
Shortcoming* Easy to bloom green and red after a while.
* Easy to tarnish, unnatural.
* Adverse effects on the skin from the above less safe ingredients.
* Darkening the skin of the lips, the skin of the eyebrows is less graceful.
* Difficult to bleach, clean when needed.
* Color fastness is worse than inorganic ink.
* High price.
ConcludeYou should prioritize using organic ink because it is safe, benign, and not harmful to customers’ health. At the same time, this product line also creates many beautiful and harmonious colors, adding aesthetics to the eyebrows, lips, eyelids ,… when spraying tattoos.


A. Tattoo color for lip spray
Skin typeWhat color of tattoo ink to choose
WhiteIf customers own fair skin, you should prioritize choosing some of the following tattoo inks to increase youthfulness, femininity, naturalness:
+ Lotus petals.+ Orange pink.

+ Magenta.
Honeycake skinMost Asian customers possess yellow skin, like honey cakes. Therefore, the following colors work to make the face brighter, more harmonious and natural:
+ Coral color.
+ Berry color.
+ Red wine.
+ Peach.
Brown, dark skinTo improve skin tone, make the face appear whiter and pink, customers with black and brown skin colors should prioritize choosing tattoo ink with gamut:
+ Red and orange.
+ Red Berry.
+ Red Brick.You should not choose pink because of the difference in skin tone, making the appearance older.

B. Tattoo ink for eyebrow spray
Criteria for choosing spray ink for you
ElementWhat color of tattoo ink to choose
By preferencePeople who like a gentle style: should choose Brown, Black, Brown with Black,…
People with a personality style should choose brighter, more striking tones to add personality.
By hair skin colorDark skin: should choose dark, deep colors to avoid deviating tone.
White skin: choose brown, yellow-brown, bright colors to make the face more youthful.
By ageSubjects from 20-35: should choose trendy color tones.
Over 40: priority should be given to elegant and light tones to increase the nobility on the face


The quality and origin of tattoo ink is a huge determinant of the beauty of the eyebrows or the color of the lips and eyelids,… when performing beautification. And a brand of cosmetic tattoo ink Nano PMU is the ink that HDCom is distributing because it can ensure good safety, bring longevity, do not change color over time.

❖ Natural, benign composition.
❖ Able to improve pigmentation of lips, skin.
❖ Supplemented with lip balm, increase shine, smoothness for the skin.
❖ Do not blossom green and red over time.
❖ Good color adhesion.
❖ Natural color, keep 99% of the original color right after peeling.
❖ No irritation, swelling, pain, itching,…

With the criterion of providing quality and safe tattoo inks, HDCom is always especially strict when choosing products to distribute.

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