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NANOZELLE – Non-invasive beauty technology

Nanozelle is proud to be the first reputable unit to apply NANOZELLE technology in the beauty and aesthetic market. Many spa owners, beauty salons, clinics have been applying NANOZELLE technology in non-invasive treatment and beauty and received a rain of compliments from customers!

Contributing to the success as well as researching and bringing technology to create a non-invasive beauty trend, it is impossible not to mention Mr. David Trinh – CEO of Nanozelle. With breakthrough thinking about domestic and international beauty and aesthetics, wishing to bring opportunities and support to Spas, Beauty Salons, Clinics in Vietnam. Thereby, helping customers achieve their needs and aspirations to change themselves, improve their beauty without surgery, without invasiveness, without affecting their health.

Nanozelle is proud to be the first to apply NANOZELLE technology in the beauty and aesthetic market

NANOZELL technology is a combination of cold plasma machine and Nanozelle stem cell product. Plasma rays are fired with an ionized gas state, the composition always contains charged particles (ions, free electrons), free radicals, active substances, visible light, small amounts of UV … combined with Nanozelle stem cells creates a recovery mechanism that promotes collagen proliferation, kills bacteria, and quickly restores wounds.

With a room temperature environment of 40 degrees Celsius, the Nanozelle Plasma Machine DOES NOT BURN, can directly affect open wounds to help kill bacteria and stimulate wound healing faster.

In the medical field, NANOZELLE technology brings many sterilization effects. Reduces toxins, disinfects and comprehensively cleanses all wounds on the skin and in the body without causing any damage to surrounding cells. Bactericidal, including resistant bacteria, antibiotics, viruses, fungi. Relieves pain, relieves edema, fights infections after surgery.

In addition, NANOZELLE technology also supports wound healing, cell proliferation, angiogenesis, acceleration of epithelialization, apoptosis, necrosis, aging, immune response,…

Supports skin regeneration, stimulates skin cell regeneration to speed wound healing. Helps wounds dry, flat, quickly heal scars, no bruises, no protrusions. Support the treatment of boils, acne, infected skin … Restoring and regenerating the skin immediately after cosmetic methods with damage such as: needle rolling, microneedle, laser, spray, tattoo,…

Currently, NANOZELLE technology is being strongly applied in the field of beauty. Helps treat acne, keloids, basket scars for acne. Treatment of allergies, folliculitis, psoriasis, cracked skin. Support the treatment of pigmentation, stretch marks after birth. Helps tone the skin, lift the eyelids and remove wrinkles. With the motto “No pain – No damage – No invasion” stimulates cells to repair themselves quickly, improving the effectiveness of treatment. After only one course, the skin is smooth and clean as desired.

With the desire to bring customers real values, Nanozelle has constantly strived to improve the quality from service to a team of experts and students. At Nanozelle, you will receive intensive training guaranteed to learn once for a lifetime. With the exclusive COACH NANOPLASMA 1: 1 course at Nanazelle, you will get a full range of knowledge to techniques taught by a team of experienced Doctors, Pharmacists, Experts, dedicated guides. Students are hand-held and performed directly on the real sample, ensuring low cost simple process x10, x20 revenue for spa and beauty salon owners.

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