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Lip care procedure after cosmetic lip spray

We are tired of wearing lipstick every day. Every time you go out to eat with your partner who “accidentally” loses his lipstick or gets smeared, oh how embarrassing. That is why lip spray has become such a popular beauty method for many women.

Lip care procedure after cosmetic lip spray

Lip spray is a method to help women easily own pink, fresh lips without wasting time applying makeup. And 01 lip care procedure after lip spray to keep color, color up beautifully, heal quickly is extremely necessary. Let’s explore with HDCom!


Despite being a non-surgical form of beauty, cutlery… But lip spray still acts and causes slight damage on the lip epidermis by the impact of the tattoo needle to deliver tattoo ink deep into the lip epidermis. That is why many women will experience lip infections, hermes infections or dark lips that cannot be colored as beautiful and natural as desired.


1. Freshly sprayed lip care

New lip spray – the time when lips are most sensitive, so you need to try to comply to have satisfactory lips, avoid bad cases or complications later:

  • Drink enough water every day to moisturize your lips. You should use a straw to limit your lips contact with water
  • Apply ice or cold towel 4-5h after spraying
  • Regularly apply balm with clean hands or cotton swab
  • Apply a thick layer of Vaseline before brushing your teeth so that water and toothpaste do not come into contact with the skin of the lips. Then remove gently with a clean paper towel

2. Lip care after peeling

The process of outer skin peeling after spraying will be from 3 to 7 days. At this time, sensitive young skin will appear, so you need to take care of it carefully to make your lips the most beautiful and fresh color, otherwise it will be very easy to dull and darken:

  • Use a balm with natural extracts to tighten wet lips
  • Drink enough 1.5-2l of water per day to moisturize the lips from the inside
  • It is recommended to add a lot of fruits and foods that contain a lot of Vitamin A, C , E to help lip cells create a protective film
  • Avoid eating dark foods such as soy sauce, coffee will make the lip color dark and dark.
  • Especially do not use alcoholic beverages, stimulants

Sprayed lips but if lips are not colored, lips are dark

This is certainly a rare case that no one wants. But don’t worry, apply coconut oil with clean hands or cotton swab on your lips regularly to nourish and reduce lip darkness.


lip restoration procedure after tattoo spray

In addition to caring for and cleaning the environment, you should pay attention to the following actions to avoid “accidents” occurring:

  • Do not touch, touch, touch the lips to avoid lips becoming infected, bruised, festering.
  • Do not lick your lips if you want them to be dry, bruised.
  • Do not expose your lips to direct sunlight or the environment.
  • Do not let the body sweat drip down the lips, making it difficult for the lips to peel and color for a long time
  • Do not self-medicate, handle lips when there are abnormal signs.
  • It is not recommended to apply makeup close to the lips within the first 3 days after spraying.
  • Do not kiss for 5 days after the lip spray to prevent infection.
  • Do not receive skin beauty treatments for 5 days after lip spray
  • Do not scratch, click, touch your lips when itching or discomfort occurs during the process of getting on young skin. Not

Refer and apply to own a fresh, pink lip as you like!

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