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Difficulties and advantages when doing SPA/TMV/Clinic business

The SPA/TMV/CLINIC industry is a big piece of cake with the most development opportunities at the moment. However, to do business properly is not easy and many SPA / TMV / Clinic owners have “DROWNED” because the technology is too outdated, the product is not effective …

Each field will have different advantages and disadvantages. Taking advantage of the right opportunities and identifying risks in advance helps the business become right, convenient and successful quickly.


1. Increasing market demand: Unlike before, customers have started to look for more intensive and modern beauty methods, no longer just focusing on using home treatment products. The diversity of needs from the smallest areas such as eyes, skin, face … It will also help spa/TMV owners increase revenue and limit competition.

2. Diverse customer segments: People often think, only people with money and high income choose to go to beauty salons / tmv. However, now customers can completely actively choose the right beauty establishment distribution. Spas/tmvs regularly have special promotions exclusively for customers.

With only 66K – Customers can experience intensive acne treatment services at Nanozelle to clearly see the effectiveness of Nanozelle Plasma technology (The program takes place from 11/10 to the end of 22/10)

3. Beauty Cosmetology Training Center opens more and more

It seems that it takes 6 years to work as a doctor in SPA/TMV, now it only takes 1 short period of time to study at short-term training centers but still ensure all necessary information and proficiency in theory and practice. Many centers are willing to invite specialists/masters… for training.

For example, the team of experts with many years of experience at Nanozelle regularly teach classes.

4. Easy to buy equipment, products, high technology

A quality beauty unit comes with modern technologies and reputable and quality product lines. It seems difficult, but now customers and owners can completely access technologies easily, conveniently, quality from international with many different prices suitable for each scale of spa / tmv.

Understanding this, Nanozelle has long been a bridge to help you easily access many technologies and products applied in the treatment, care and restoration of the skin with non-invasive high technology in the easiest way.



1. Huge competition

Because of the nature, anyone can learn and interact with the industry, opening a spa / tmv is extremely easy. No need for too large space, not too much technology can also focus on one service for business. Imagine if your SPA is applying NANOZELLE technology, just one NANOZELLE PLASMA machine can be applied to treat many services for customers.

Therefore, even if it is a small customer segment, there are still many direct and indirect competitors.

2. High initial investment capital

Small-scale SPA/TMV business does not cost too much?

This is an extremely misleading thinking because no matter the size, there are many expenses to pay when starting a business: Premises, equipment, cosmetics, management, staff, electricity and water …

3. Service quality must be regularly updated

The higher the demand, the quality of service must always be updated and adjusted.

4. Branding and spa/tmv marketing

In the current digital age, branding and marketing play an important role in attracting customers. However, not everyone has enough thinking and skills to perform this job.

Just shape the spa and convey the wrong message to the target customer. It will also make business difficult. Whether you have the best human resources or the most modern facilities.

It can be seen that with the current competitiveness, if you keep the old and traditional ideas without regularly updating and applying new methods, technologies and products, you will definitely be far behind competitors. >> Register now PRE MASTER NANOZELLE COURSE: Breakthrough at the end of the year – Revenue reaches the peak
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