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100+ Questions When Performing Cosmetic Tattoos

The birth of cosmetic tattoo services has created a “revolution” in the cosmetology and beauty industry. But besides that, there will be questions revolving around cosmetic tattooing, so the following article will help you better understand cosmetic tattooing!

Some frequently asked questions when performing tattooing

Is cosmetic tattooing painful?

Tattooing reaches the epidermis of the skin in combination with numbness, so it will not cause pain, limit swelling and damage to the skin. During the procedure, customers will feel relaxed, comfortable without burning pain.

How long do cosmetic tattoo results hold?

The basis factors of performance, workmanship and quality of tattoo ink, care regimen only affect 80% of tattoo spray results. The remaining 20% depends on each person, but usually the tattoo results will remain for about 5-7 years.

What should cosmetic tattooing abstain?

To get tattoo results on natural colors, you should abstain from certain foods such as beef, chicken, duck, seafood, shrimp, fish, sticky rice, sticky rice, spinach, alcohol,…

Price of cosmetic tattoos?

When each clinic opens tattoo services, they will have different service prices, based on influencing factors such as tattoo technology; quality of ink spray, qualifications of technicians and facilities. … How will the service price be determined? And each type of tattoo service will have different prices.

Establishments that use modern tattoo technology, good spray ink quality, organic ink extracted from natural herbs, along with a team of highly skilled specialists and modern facilities and equipment, usually the cost of their cosmetic tattoo services will be higher than those where the quality of service is not good.

Age of implementation of tattoo
technology According to cosmetologists, the appropriate age to use cosmetic tattoo services is from 18 years old. But there is a note that the older you get, the longer it takes to perform cosmetic tattoos and the process of scabbing and coloring is also longer because the texture of the skin has changed.

Notes when performing cosmetic tattooing

Cosmetic tattoo services are increasingly popular and used by many customers. But what worries and questions the most is that there are now too many cosmetic establishments providing poor quality tattoo services, causing customers to face unwanted risks.

Therefore, to get the perfect eyebrow, lip or eyelid shape thanks to the eyebrow spray service without worrying about risks, you need to keep in mind some of the following:

1. Choose a reputable aesthetic facility This is an important note that before using tattoo services, you need to know and look for yourself a reputable
brand that many customers positively evaluate for service quality.

Prestigious cosmetic tattoo address

At such locations most of them are using advanced tattoo spray technology, good quality spray ink. And the more important point is that they have a highly qualified team behind them that will help you own the best eyebrows, lips or eyelids without any risk.

2. Choose quality inks

Currently, there are many types of tattoo inks on the market, but not all inks are of good quality. Experts advise that: Choose organic inks, also known as Organic inks, which will be safe, benign for the skin and color more beautiful. In particular, HDCom is the place to distribute Nano PMU ink extracted completely from 100% from nature, good coloring ability, fast and high adhesion.

Therefore, you should listen to the advice of doctors at reputable cosmetic facilities and ask carefully questions about the quality of ink they are using to make a better choice of service.

3. Consider your health status before visiting cosmetic facilities

This can be said to be an important note that anyone who intends to get a tattoo should know. Because not everyone can perform cosmetic tattoos. Doctors recommend people with diabetes, skin that is easily irritated, suffering from hemophilia,.. then cosmetic tattooing should not be performed.

If you do not know if your health is suitable for tattooing, declare your health condition and consult your doctor before tattooing.

Consider your health status before getting a tattoo

Through the above information, perhaps you have a better understanding of tattoo beauty methods and see the benefits of this service for our face. So if you are planning to tattoo your eyebrows, lips or eyelids, do not hesitate to choose a reputable tattoo address to increase the appearance of your face more beautiful and radiant.

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